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Artemetrx offers clinical pharmacy management and population services to health plans and sponsors. Since 2003, Artemetrx Health has used pharmacy and medical expertise along with technology tools to provide custom solutions built on data analytics and best practices.

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Artemetrx Health Solutions

Clinical Business Intelligence provides services that include data analytics, clinical intelligence, and intervention targeting. The Artemetrx clinical intelligence engine is a Web-based software tool for identifying, targeting, and reducing healthcare risks and costs at both the population and individual levels. The system uses data-mining algorithms and evidence-based clinical rules to identify and target gaps in the care of your members.

  • Analyze healthcare data from multiple sources — medical, pharmacy, health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and more
  • Track utilization and spend across conditions and services
  • Identify high-risk members or groups for clinical interventions and care management programs
  • Report on quality measures, medication compliance, and adherence to evidence-based guidelines
  • Access detailed clinical profiles for individuals

Enhanced Pharmacy Management provides services using the Artemetrx comprehensive data integration, warehousing, analytics, and clinical business intelligence engine. Plan sponsors can leverage the unique role that pharmacy utilization plays in overall population health management, enhancing pharmaceutical care and health outcomes. This capability allows plan sponsors to:

  • Identify areas of underutilization, including non-initiation of medication after a serious acute event and non-adherence for patients with severe chronic conditions
  • Better understand the extent to which medication is being used consistent with evidence-based guidelines and develop strategies to reduce inappropriate use
  • Examine the extent to which patients are being appropriately monitored once they initiate high-risk medications

Controlled Substance Management is an important area for plan sponsors, employers, and providers today. The Artemetrx approach to identify potential fraud, waste or abuse in controlled substances involves integrating medical claims, pharmacy claims and demographic member data as well as workers’ compensation data when available. More than a dozen empirically validated clinical predictors for potential abuse are used to identify the appropriate population for management.

  • Population view: shows the overall population is trending in controlled substance utilization, spend, risk factors, etc.
  • Member view: gives user access to the patients prescription history, abuse predictor flags and complete diagnostic and clinical history
  • Provider view: identifies physicians prescribing of controlled substances and other behavioral health medications, along with the accompanying clinical profile of their patients
  • Predictor profile: summarizes members by the different clinical predictors of abuse and allows for selection of a combination of predictors to target the population of interest

Population Health Management is available from Artemetrx with a range of population health analytic tools and intervention software for plan sponsors who want to customize their population health programs to meet their specific needs. Tools and software enable you to manage services to members including:

  • Gaps in care: identifies the extent to which patients with chronic conditions are being treated consistent with evidence-based guidelines and allows for intervention with the patient and physician
  • Care management software: allows nurses and health coaches to manage a population of diabetics or other patient types for the purpose of improving knowledge, self-care activities, and patient monitoring
  • Complex case management software: allows plan sponsors to use custom criteria to target patients with high risk for future spend for case management and also provides detailed clinical profiles for use in intervention by a nurse or case manager

Wellness Incentive Programs are available using Artemetrx’s interactive, web-based sites for wellness are customized to meet each client’s wellness metrics as well as point/dollars systems of rewards. The program includes:

  • Customized Web portal, with logo and marketing information included for program descriptions and instructions to the member
  • Importation of a variety of data elements for tracking and incentives
  • Stratification of members into customizable risk categories
  • Customized reporting on the progress of the program
  • Ongoing program evaluation that integrates the wellness data and medical claims to examine trends in wellness activities and medical costs over time
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