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The Brewing Hepatitis C Storm --- Are You Ready?

Our Artemetrx experts in Specialty Drug Management are available to update you and present the challenges now facing employers.

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Our proprietary data engine delivers a comprehensive view and opportunity assessment of all specialty drug claims, integrating both pharmacy and medical data.

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Building on analytical findings, our clinical and benefit experts present custom insights and actionable strategies to improve management of specialty drugs across pharmacy and medical.

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Industry-leading expertise and technology tools offer solutions for the management of specialty drugs under the medical benefit.

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The Challenge of Specialty Drugs

The vast majority of employers and health plans cannot measure, let alone manage the 50% or more of specialty drug spend that is covered under the medical benefit.  Using integrated pharmacy and medical data as the foundation, Artemetrx provides advanced analytics, consulting, and solutions to help customers  reduce specialty medical drug spend and improve the quality of care. Our analytics and clinical experts are steeped in specialty knowledge to bring you technology-based and clinical solutions to provide significant cost savings for specialty drugs covered under the medical benefit.  We offer these services to a variety of health care organizations, plan sponsors, and the members they serve.

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Artemetrx offers clinical pharmacy management and population services to health plans and sponsors.

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